Can I continue to live in Spain after Brexit and what do I need to know?

Here at SRGEurope we have been approached a number of times over the last couple of weeks with many questions about Brexit, residency in Spain and the new TIE that has just been launched. This is what we have managed to find out.

In a recent interview the British Ambassador to Spain – Hugh Elliot partnered up with the Spanish Secretary of State for Migration Hana Jalloul to provide some clarity on the situation.

Looking for an update on Brexit?

First comes reassurance and the need to keep calm. If you are a British expat currently living in Spain you can continue to live and work in Spain. UK state pensioners will also continue to have lifelong healthcare as long as they live in Spain and their UK state pension will continue as normal.

Do I need spanish residency after Brexit?

It is however vital that if you are not a resident already you start the process asap. You must be registered as a resident before 31 December2020 to guarantee these rights. With the deadline being just 23 weeks away we cannot urge you enough to get moving on this, the Spanish government is doing all they can to get as many of you registered as possible before the deadline.

Do I need to apply for a TIE in Spain?

In the last few weeks a new form of identification has been released by the Spanish Government which has caused some confusion to existing residents. The New Tarjeta de Indentidad Extranjero has been launched however rest assured that those who are already a resident and hold a green certificate do not need to apply for this new status, your current documentation is still valid. You can however choose to request it though priority is currently being given to non-residents to allow them to acquire residency before the December deadline.

The over powering message coming from Spain is that they want you to stay. Spain is and will always be your home.

The ministry of inclusion, social security and migration have provided an in depth guide to residency in Spain. This document answers many questions you may have and is well worth a read.



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