Summer Fun

Now that Brexit is over and done with its time to focus on something that is sure to bring us a little more excitement. The weather can only start to improve which means only one thing, summer is coming and it’s time to party!!!

There are a number of fantastic local events coming up and we don’t want you to miss out on any of them. The early bird catches the worm so be sure to mark these events in your calendar.

Cadiz Carnival 20th Feb – 1st March

Cadiz is just a short drive from Gibraltar and in February the city becomes one big party so well worth the trip. The locals put their hearts and souls into what is one of the most eagerly awaited events in the city, and perhaps the most fun-filled and entertaining of all the Spanish carnivals. Expect to hear carnival music from all corners of the city, and see a huge variety of costumes, some of which are truly works of art.

The light-hearted fun and entertainment of the Carnival of Cadiz makes it a unique fiesta and people travel from far and wide to take in the festivities. The whole city is involved. This is a perfect time to get to know it and to enjoy the inventiveness and sense of fun that the people of Cadiz have.

Seville Fair 25th April – 1st May

The Feria of Seville was founded in 1846, and is made up of 1,051 stalls covering 75,000 meters squared. It truly is the fair of all fairs in Andalucia!

It is a huge vibrant event that takes over the whole city. There is music, exploding colour from the stalls, fair lights, flamenco dresses and horse riders. Your senses will pick up the smell of fried fish, olives, paella, Spanish ham, sherry and plenty of manzanilla (wine of the feria, typically 1.5 million bottle are consumed). The fun goes on in to the very early hours of the morning and after a fun filled night it is traditional to wander off in search of churros (flour fritters) and a cup of hot chocolate, before doing it all gain the next day.

After a week of constant celebration, the Fair concludes with a great fireworks display over the Guadalquivir River which is breath-taking.

Starlight Festival 9th July – 27th August

30 years ago, three visionaries got together to make the Cantera de Marbella, an unrivalled auditorium, and to create an internationally renowned music festival…These visionaries were Alfonso Hohenlohe, Julio Iglesias and Plácido Domingo, who presented their project with a Tenor concert in 1983.

That summer, all the essence and soul of this dream was born thanks to the STARLITE FESTIVAL.
This project, transcending music, was created to become the referential social and cultural event in Europe, held in Marbella.

In essence the event is all about bringing first-class concerts with international artists in an unbeatable natural setting, which not only features music, but also unique experiences, serving as the protagonists.

Fuengirola International Fair – 29th April – 3rd May

The Fuengirola International Fair is made up of four days of music, dance, food and fun!

This family orientated fair is held in the huge Fuengirola fairground and has something for everyone. From the entrance to the fairground by the arches children will be drawn towards the host of fairground attractions stretching almost halfway towards the Palacio de la Paz, which is at the head of the fairground.

A combination of 34 countries and Spanish regions take over the permanent casetas, these are buildings owned by clubs and associations, all of which have stages, bars and kitchens. Each country or region decorates their caseta with memorabilia and flags and provide traditional food and entertainment. Many times the entertainment spills out into the street and visitors get caught up with sambas, polkas, cheerleaders and line dancers. Bands of musicians wander around playing traditional instruments and sometime join up with other groups.

The Argentineans and Uruguayans both have huge barbeque pits totally covered in meats and sausages, filling the air with delicious aromas. The Finnish have whole sides of salmon slowly cooking at the side of log fires, and there are many rotating kebabs each sporting a different meat mixture at the many Middle Eastern countries. The Galician kitchen is redolent with the smell of cooking octopus, the Germans serve up enormous worst, a spicy sausage, the USA have triple burgers and pulled pork sandwiches with brownies for those with a sweet tooth, and the Indians have a pungently aromatic curry bubbling away.

Go hungry to this fair and try food that you would not normally get the chance to experience, it is not expensive and the choice is vast.

Gibraltar Calling – September

If you are looking for something a little closer to home you should check out Gibraltar Calling. An amazing 2 day festival based in Gibraltar itself. International artists are flown in for the event and put on the best show with the beautiful rock as a back drop for the event.

Gibraltar National Day – 10th September

A few days later Gibraltar puts on another fantastic show when they celebrate Gibraltar National Day. This day is all about being proud to be Gibraltarian. There are events throughout Gib and it is customary for everyone to dress up in red and white, the national colours of Gibraltar.

The choice of events that are local to Gibraltar and the South of Spain are vast and the above are just a snippet of what is on offer. It’s a great place to work and live. If you are interested in a new Job in Gibraltar or want more information, please do not hesitate to contact us here at SRGEurope.



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